Love Notes from A few of MY SWEET mamaS

"Our birth photos are so perfect, thank you again for capturing the most beautiful moments in our lives! You are such a talented photographer, and I'm so grateful you were there for our son's birth!"

I can't stop looking at our birth photos!!! What gift that we have these! Thank you SO much for doing such a great job capturing everything.
I love them so so so so much!

"We are so incredibly thankful for YOU!!! I didn't feel so pretty, but seeing the pictures makes me want to just cry! They are perfect!"

"You have no idea how much comfort you brought us!!! It's the first time I was excited about the birth experience again and not terrified of it. You are such a blessing!!!"

"You did an incredible job. You have such a gift and talent, and I'm just so blessed and honored to know you! You are my current hero for capturing something so special."

"Our pictures are awesome!!! Thank you! I don't know how I'm going to choose some to print, because there are so many that I love!"

"I just got the images back, and I love them!!! I usually hate pictures of myself, but these are so good!"